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It's been a long while since I read "Friday" but I believe the book was
written in the point of view from a woman. I vaguely remember the plotline
that she was some sort of super secret agent.

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> > I reference him when the topic of second draft editing comes up.
> > According to his letters, his normal practice at first was to write
> > everything that came into his head and then throw out about half of it.
> > But he only did this because the market demanded strict word counts in
> > those days, and he hated it.  Once he was a big enough name that editors
> > couldn't dictate to him, he seems to have just published his first
> drafts,
> > with regretable results.
> >
> I've mentioned before Spider Robinson's essay on editors, found in "User
> Friendly", so I won't bring it up in any detail.  I would note that Ayn
> Rand actually had similar issues, as she absolutely hated the ways
> producers and editors would insist on altering everything she submitted, so
> when she went independent she refused to use the services of an editor.
> Much to her works' detriment.
> Stephen King is another good example.  The man is one of the best short
> horror writers in American history, because short stories require immense
> discipline and control of the author due to the restrictions imposed by the
> limited length of the form.  His novels wander, not least because he
> "writes from the gut" and has no detailed plan or design.
> Matt G.
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