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> > I know what you mean.  I've fantasized about watching J.R.R. Tolkien go
> > nuts if I visited him and brought along the Anglo-Saxon and Gothic
> versions
> > of *Alice in Wonderland.*
> Why Prof. Tolkien? Charles Dodgson might give you a better reaction, I
> should think.

Because Tolkien was a philologist, and Anglo-Saxon and Gothic were two of
the languages he was particularly interested in. Dodgson, on the other
hand, was a mathematician, not a language wonk.

> As to Tolkien, anyone know if the Middle-Earth books are available in
> Icelandic? Old Icelandic underlays much of the Elven language.

Um, no. Tolkien was interested in the Scandinavian languages and Norse
sagas, but his primary models for the Elvish languages were Finnish, for
Quenya (NOT a Scandinavian or even an Indo-European language) and Welsh for

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