[LMB] Cloning?

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Didn’t Miles have a nightmare about that?

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On Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 at 17:25, Richard G. Molpus <rgmolpus at flash.net> wrote:

> Kidnapping Miles, doing a brain transplant into the MARK vII body, and sending his back would have been a real conundrum. Miles had been politically accepted, in his stunted, abridged form, and now he's a look-a-like to Ivan! Line Miles MkII, Ivan and Gregor together, and it's like looking at triplets!
> That puts a cat into the hen house!

That's a piece of mental sadism even LMB never thought of inflicting on Miles.  Imagine him walking around every day knowing that he's "wearing a corpse," as he himself put it.  Survivor guilt on steroids.

Peter Hews

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