[LMB] OT: fear of heights, was AIHABF

Becca Price becca7108 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 15:22:15 BST 2021

Long years ago, when my husband and I were courting, we went to the Grand
Canyon (on the way back from visiting his parents in Tuscon). I was wearing
shorts and a t-shirt, We were walking along the canyon trail when a
thunderstorm went sweeping through the canyon below us. (seeing a
thunderstorm from above is very interesting).  There was an outjutting rock
at one point, and Chris went out on it feeling very much like Thor God of
Thunder. He turned around to beckon me to join him, and saw me with my
hands over my mouth in controlled panic. When he asked me what was wrong,
all I could say was, "you've got the car keys!"

he's never let me live that down. But I noticed last time I was there,
there is a wall between the path and the edge, and that rock isn't there

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