[LMB] OT: fear of heights, was AIHABF

Marc Wilson marc.wilson at gmx.co.uk
Thu Oct 14 18:55:05 BST 2021

On Thu, 14 Oct 2021 10:22:15 -0400, Becca Price <becca7108 at gmail.com>

>Long years ago, when my husband and I were courting, we went to the Grand
>Canyon (on the way back from visiting his parents in Tuscon). I was wearing
>shorts and a t-shirt, We were walking along the canyon trail when a
>thunderstorm went sweeping through the canyon below us. (seeing a
>thunderstorm from above is very interesting).  There was an outjutting rock
>at one point, and Chris went out on it feeling very much like Thor God of
>Thunder. He turned around to beckon me to join him, and saw me with my
>hands over my mouth in controlled panic. When he asked me what was wrong,
>all I could say was, "you've got the car keys!"
>he's never let me live that down. But I noticed last time I was there,
>there is a wall between the path and the edge, and that rock isn't there

There's a rock wall in Norway called the Troll Wall, and it's a mile
straight(ish) down.  There is a similar outcrop, where someone has
painted "Exit - skydivers only" (it's popular with BASE jumpers).

It's an odd feeling, looking down that distance: some things don't
resolve at first, until you realise that the "moss" you can see is
actually made of substantial trees, much further away than you first
A mind's reach should exceed its grasp or what's a metaphor?

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