[LMB] The Most Influential Sci-Fi Books Of All Time

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Add The Languages of Pao for languages designed to produce certain types of populations.

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And the H. Beam Piper story "Omnilingual" turns on a question of
language---and some languages' universality.

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> > I respectfully disagree--Suzette Haden Elgin wrote Native Tongue and
> other
> > stories about feminism and languages, and then the Ozark trilogy written
> in
> > High Appalachian. (she had a PhD in linguistics. Like the Patrician of
> > Ankh-Morpork, she majored in languages).
> >
> And her LiveJournal account (ozarque), before the Alzheimer's/dementia set
> in, was FASCINATING. Not just about her books and about language, either.
> She'd talk about the process of eldering, and she documented her own
> end-of-full functionality until she couldn't anymore.
> BJ
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