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For whatever it is worth, their CV seems to be Open Road Integrated 
Media, Inc. All rights reserved. | 180 Maiden Lane | New York, NY | 
10038. I do not know if they sell internationally, but I do know that I 
have many books published by them on my Kindle.


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>Harvey Fishman:
>>  For whatever it is worth, Portalist.com seems to have the four Novels of
>>  the Jaran, which I believed was mentioned here recently, on sale for
>>  $3.99.
>That link didn't lead me anywhere - did you mean theportalist.com?
>Browsing their site, I couldn't figure out where they are based (but I
>assume the U.S.) or whether they sell to Canada or not. I don't really want
>to go to the effort of trying to buy a book and failing... Does anyone know
>if they sell internationally?
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