[LMB] OT: The Portalist

Markus Baur baur at chello.at
Fri Oct 15 19:53:15 BST 2021

no problem - i enjoy watching a nice rant . 8)



Am 15.10.2021 um 20:38 schrieb Elizabeth Holden:
> Markus Baur said,
>> i believe i made to offer to get kindle books from amazon.com,
>> amazon.co.uk <http://amazon.co.uk/> and amazon.de and transfer them alos
> to you .
> You did, and I thank you.
> Meanwhile it gives me great pleasure to vent and rant about the unfairness
> of international borders when it comes to commerce in general and books in
> particular.
> I realize this is annoying to many, but really, it gives me great
> satisfaction.
> namaste,
> Elizabeth
> Elizabeth Holden <azurite at azurite.ca>

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