[LMB] OT: Hair color

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Sat Oct 16 23:58:11 BST 2021

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>  My very, very intense red hair has gradually been fading as I get into my
> fifties. The gray is coming in pretty evenly, leaving me at this point with
> a sort of strawberry blonde with silver highlights. I'm pretty happy with
> it. Once it turns all the way gray, I'm thinking of going into colors not
> seen in nature for human hair. Starting with royal blue.

Mine is similar, and I've even been asked who "does" my hair. Mother
Nature, thankyouverymuch.

I've been watching a big horse show this week - Morgan Grand Nationals. The
horse show world is conservative... but the carriage judge, Muffy Seaton,
who is in her 50s, has light blond or gray hair with very obvious spearmint
green highlights on one side in the front. But Muffy, is, well, Muffy.
She's from South Carolina, and I'm sure has a very polite, withering
expression to use should anyone question her hair color choice.



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