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> From: WalterStuartBushell <proto at panix.com>
> People who fall for scams and the more obvious the scam the worse they fall, find it hard
> to give up and admit they were wrong. In many cases they?d rather die.

On Sun, 17 Oct 2021, Gwynne Powell wrote:
> Gwynne: I've seen a great deal of information, and sad examples, of people who will
> cling so tightly to a ridiculous and often damaging belief, no matter what. And I know
> that simple proof and logic aren't enough. But what is? What does it take to get through?
> That's not a flippant question. We really need to figure out how to deal with the
> worrying huge numbers of people who are deluded almost to the point of mental
> disturbance.

I very rarely read political memoirs (see **) but I've actually been 
enjoying Barack Obama's latest memoirs as an audiobook. (Don't worry - no 
US politics here.) I've just got to the point where he's running for 
president, and he tells of his realization that actually discussing the 
ins and outs & nuances of policy is not what audiences want to hear - it's 
a much more emotional message they're interested in. He's also advised not 
to answer media questions directly/completely but instead to use them as a 
springboard to his own talking points because that's what works.

So I think that addressing fears & emotional reactions directly and with 
respect may be the only way of dealing with this. I heard a recent 
discussion on CBC about ivermectin and it suggested that pro-vax people 
making fun of this (which is SO tempting) just puts people's backs up.

I did see an interesting story today suggesting that there are ways to 
avoid allergic reactions even for people who may have had bad reactions to 
other vaccines or their first COVID shot:

I think that's hopeful.

(** My previous three favourite political memoirs are all Canadian: 
_Memoirs of a Bird in a Gilded Cage by Judy LaMarsh, _Gentlemen, Players, 
and Politicians_ by Dalton Camp, and _What Have You Done for Me Lately?_ 
by Jeremy Akerman -- and boy, do those date me! I seriously doubt anyone 
on this list has read any of them...)


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