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> > Gwynne: I can't understand why, if you believe someone is putting microchips
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> > in vaccine, you don't realise that they could also put it in cow wormer.
I think people who believe in the microchip idea are not in the same group as the people who want a medication.
The microchip people believe in a conspiracy, the cow wormer people (it is horses, btw when not human medicine ) try for a solution.

As I said, hospitals in for instance Africa used it, like the French hospital which tried for the malaria medication, and like
Thailand  now trying this:

In Thailand, healthcare professionals and the public alike are familiar with green chiretta – nicknamed the “king of bitters” – which is as popular as paracetamol for treating cold and flu.

"In 1991, researchers at Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand, concluded after a clinical trial that chiretta (6g a day) was as effective as paracetamol (4g a day) at relieving fever and sore throat in patients with inflammation of the pharynx and tonsils (pharyngotonsillitis). Since then, several reviews have found that chiretta may be more effective than placebo at treating uncomplicated upper respiratory tract infections. Reported side-effects tend to be mild and short-lived.
In line with a global trend to use cold and flu medicines to ease the symptoms of mild COVID, and in face of an emergency situation, the Thai Corrections Department gave the herbal remedy to 11,800 inmates with mild symptoms of upper respiratory infections and now claims that 99% of them recovered, prompting the Thai Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation to recommend that asymptomatic patients take 180mg of chiretta a day, divided into three doses at mealtimes.


As for Ivermerctin, the jury is still out:
Ongoing Clinical Trials Will Decide Whether (or Not) Ivermectin Is Safe, Effective for COVID-19


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