[LMB] Spirit Ring: Artist vs Artisan

WILLIAM A WENRICH wawenri at msn.com
Wed Oct 20 16:57:26 BST 2021

Artists are honored. Artisans are denigrated.
There are four works shown in in the book, the sculpture of Perseus, the salt cellar, the Lion ring, and the snake belt. All three show considerable art. However, only the Perseus is strictly an object of art.
The salt cellar protects against poisons and compels truth. The Lion ring reveals true love. The snake belt is a protection against rape. (I don’t think that it’s primarily a chastity belt.)
If the salt cellar only performed its assigned tasks but was otherwise plain it would still be both useful and remarkable. That is not the way it’s presented, however. It seems to be seen as first a work of art and secondarily a useful tool.
If you look up the definition of artist and artisan, you will find the distinction between a creator of the fine arts and a skilled workman.
I’ve always felt that a person who makes something both useful and beautiful is as important as a person who makes something beautiful that has no purpose.

William A Wenrich

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