[LMB] NYTimes.com: In a First, Surgeons Attached a Pig Kidney to a Human — and It Worked

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Thu Oct 21 03:40:05 BST 2021

Speaking as someone who is in need of a kidney - If God doesn't want me to have a pigs' one to replace my original equipment, he can bloody well provide one to me!   
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> The real question, of course, is how they taste.
> Also, why there's no OT tag.  Although I guess we can tie this into
> vat-meat and make it Bujold-relevant.  Thusly!
> Matt "is that even a word?" G.

Thusly is not a word in my vocabulary or opinion. Chai tea isn’t either: ‘chai’ meaning ‘tea’ doesn’t indicate spices, milk, or sweetening, but ‘masala chai’ does. 

As to the headline, I suppose there may be religious barriers for some to accept an organ from a pig. However, the recipient might be easier to teach to sing without annoyance!

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