[LMB] Knot of Shadows (aka Penric 11) launches today!

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I hope so, too.

Master Thernais was possessed, too. Not in the 5GU sense, but by something we'd recognize - up in the far northern Midwest, they'd call it a Wendigo spirit. Or maybe, obsessed is the word.  Penric's comparison of him to an ice wyrm is precise. The man hardly seemed human, just single-mindedly amassing all that coin without using it at all.

Spengler made the useful distinction between one who was rich because he was powerful, and one who was powerful because he was rich. Master T. didn't seem to be going for power at all - the one time he used it was in the interest of his obsession.

I think the Learned Retaka will look in on Otzos and on little Algo's family. She seems like the kind who would.

As for those old seagoing winos - oh, I can see why Penric stifled his laughter.

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Bought, inhaled last night.


The Dratsab's Grace, indeed. Though I feel sorry for those left
behind--here's hoping the Temple will make sure they're not alone too  much.


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