[LMB] OT: Ivermectin (was: Comercials

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 24 12:29:50 BST 2021

Gwynne: My view of it all....

These are terrifying times. Our lives have been threatened, the death toll
is shattering and the numbers who will be badly affected for life are terribly
high. Nobody has all the answers. Governments are desperately trying to
cope. Businesses have been weakened or even destroyed, livelihoods gone,
there's no certainty or security. We just don't know what 'normal' will be,
there's new problems, new solutions, coming at us all the time. The experts
can't all agree, and we don't know who to believe or what to expect.

And then along comes someone who does know all the answers. Someone
who gives you a focus, and an easy group to blame. You can aim your anger
 at the government. And when you do, you've found a whole group of
supportive people who agree with you. They believe the same way you do.
They praise and encourage you whenever you take a stand, refuse to comply.
There's no uncertainty, and the answers are easy - do this, stop doing that,
avoid this, refuse that, and it'll all go away and we'll be back to normal.

That's such a seductive solution; someone to blame, someone to hate,
an easy way to fix it all, then we're back to normal. And you get constant
supportive feedback from your fellow-disbelievers. If you let go of that you're
back with an enemy that's hard to understand, an enemy you can't see or
track. You're left with no easy answers, no promise that we'll ever go back
to the way we were, no fast end to it all.

People won't give up their conspiracy theories and antivaxx campaigns,
because there's no certainty to replace them. Paradoxically, making up all
these scary scenarios makes the world less frightening. And the constant
support, praise and admiration of your cohort is intoxicating. It's why so
many antivaxxers go out counting coup; deliberately courting police
attention - all of it recorded, and posted online, of course - so that they
can bask in the praise from their friends. Joining in group protests together
 makes you feel strong and in control.

It won't be easy to take that away from them, and make them face the
frightening reality without anger and a shared cause to block the fear.

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