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Hi. I haven't been active on this list for awhile, but I just finished reading Knots of Shadows and came by to check out the discussion of this latest Penric. I see that I should go over to Goodreads for that.

I just want to add a very late bit to the discussion of Georgette Heyer titles.

For great fun and romance, I recommend The Talisman Ring, Faro's Daughter, and Cotillion.

For hilarious characters, try False Colours, the Great Sophy, and No Wind of Blame (one of Heyer's contemporary detective tales).

To glimpse some fashion plates of 18th century England -- wearing wigs, wrist ruffles, and panniers (hoops) -- who also enjoyed more riotous living than characters did in the sedate Regency, delve into These Old Shades, Devil's Cub, and The Masqueraders. Beauvallet is a swashbuckler in the style of Sabatini's Captain Blood.

For slightly older heroes and heroines, check out Sprig Muslin, The Quiet Gentleman, Black Sheep, and The Reluctant Widow.

As you can see, I'm a fan and particularly enjoy rereading Cotillion and Captain Vorpatril's Alliance back-to-back. Also, there are lots of Heyer's stories available these days. You can read both the early magazine story and its later expansion into Faro's Daughter.

Elizabeth Stowe
I used to just sign Elizabeth, but the list appears rich in Elizabeths these days.

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