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Paul Krugman’s opinion piece in the New York Times today is mostly about the Dune movie (spoiler: he likes it).  He starts the piece with this: "The blogger John Rogers once noted that there are two novels that can shape the lives of bookish 14-year-olds: “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Lord of the Rings.” One of these novels, he asserted, is a childish fantasy that can leave you emotionally stunted; the other involves orcs.”  Krugman also touches on the new Foundation series (spoiler: he doesn’t like it).

I think if I post this gift link, you can all read the piece even if you don’t have a subscription and have used up your monthly free articles: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/26/opinion/dune-movie-foundation-series.html?unlocked_article_code=AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACEIPuonUktbfqohlSFUZBSbSRdkhrxqAwvTSxrF5g3jgLSXQRzFfyegcH4mH_QLWaLBiasB13yieQJUJFo4Tc8FI770VOV1xGU7vq4GYmZ8BLmI_pdLiATJp1teTBuoytGLjZzD8Ibojm_jksxiNYTHvUK2M2XUxNU0y98seAFKp0HwDxK7PFfckmYUtmKd8We0pAGsIdyKIvPH3CxxhO9rgbh7U7gk-W-ExSiiE1JfHqOpGKFMOfAqAGHBv4m886MdfOMcVNMv8KB0ncMn9idYBG2Qv5rbZjry71GjA12hEOFo&smid=url-share


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