[LMB] [LMB} ot: recommending Georgette Heyer

Elizabeth Stowe estowe427 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 01:20:09 BST 2021

es:  For great fun and romance, I recommend The Talisman Ring, Faro's Daughter, and Cotillion. 
Kathy Collett: And The Unknown Ajax, I think!
es: For hilarious characters, try False Colours, the Great Sophy, and No Wind of Blame (one of Heyer's contemporary detective tales).
Kathy Collett: I would put Reluctant Widow here (particularly the feckless brother)
Kathy Collett: Another category would be the ones with tear-jerking sections, with at least Friday’s Child and Venetia.  Oh, and Frederica, but only briefly.
Kathy Collett: There could almost be a category of grey-eyed heroines named Hetty or similar, it sometimes seems!
Gwynne Powell:  I agree with your recommendations. I'd add Nonesuch to older heroes, also Lady of Quality and Masqueraders. Tollbooth?
Then there's Arabella, which would go with Nonesuch in a 'socially aware' section, perhaps.
The trouble is, as soon as I try to classify them and pick a favourite, I think of a dozen others. Reading her books is like visiting friends, or taking a holiday in a much-loved place. I like to dip in now and then just to enjoy being there.
es: I agree with Kathy and Gwynne. In low times I recharge with a Heyer story.

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