[LMB] OT: husband’s “fun” in the ER

A. Marina Fournier saffronrose at me.com
Thu Oct 28 04:39:50 BST 2021

Kurt’s in the ER with what he thought was intense constipation. Threw up after taking Miralax this morning, for which he woke (well, the rest of the way) me to fetch from a druggist. He was smart enough not to consider driving himself. Family friend took us there, instead of scaring some poor Lyft driver.

While the pain is near his appendix, no-one thinks that’s the cause, which is why the CT scan.
He’s got morphine now, and is feeling less pain. Dry heaves earlier, but they gave him ondansetron for nausea.

If he should have appendicitis AND blockage AND vaccine aftermath all at the same time, Brigid forbid, then I guess he’s in the right place.

And now for something completely different!

It’s a kidney stone! His second, and there’s a enlarged junction in the urinary tract from it. This one’s only about 3mm, as opposed to the 5mm in the summer of 1995. Yes, much ouch.

If Des were there, she’d blast it to painless smithereens.

He’s going to stay overnight at least. They’re going to pump him full of fluid in an attempt to float the stone out, before they’ll release him. He will also have a morphine drip: 4cc (per liter of saline? I can’t take them and have no idea about IV dosing). For some odd reason—pain, nausea from pain, did I say pain?—he hadn’t been interested in food on Wednesday.

I’m fine. If he isn’t sprung tomorrow, I WILL remember a charging cable & its cube when I visit, unlike today.

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