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I'm trying to remember how the book portrayed him. I have a copy & will look it up. But, yes; we are looking at "Lawrence of Arabia in Space" here.
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I don’t think that it’s a spoiler to say that Paul is a product of a couple thousand years of selective breeding. Is he white because the actor who portrays him is?
The Fremen in the book are Middle Eastern. In the movie they are played by, in the scenes so far by mostly black and Middle Eastern actors.

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On 28/10/2021 03:05, Elizabeth Holden wrote:
> I should explain that I hated the book (bo-ring and then some) and the
> previous filmed versions, but this one intrigues me - partly because of
> what people are saying about it being visually marvellous, but mostly
> because I've had a thing for Timothee Chalumet ever since I saw him in The
> King, which is so much more my kind of movie.

I didn't find it boring (but I watched it split between two days because
I was interrupted by an unexpected thing I had to handle).

It definitely is visually compelling. I understand people who say you
should watch it in a cinema. I didn't, but I watched it on a 65" TV, and
it was quite something.

Full disclosure: I liked the first Dune movie when it came out, and I
don't remember being particularly impressed by the book at the time, but
that was a long time ago. Perhaps I should give the book another chance.

> One negative thing I read was that it's another "white saviour" movie.

The current movie is "Dune Part 1", and it (trying to avoid spoilers
here) at most you could call it "white survivor" so far.

Whether they can pull of part 2 without becoming a white saviour movie,
depends on the exact limits of what you do or don't consider white saviour.

Obviously, to be true to the books, he will need to lead the native
tribes and they will win. I think that they might be able to handle it
as "white boy adopts native ways and they win together", but some people
could still see that as white saviour, particularly if they branded part
1 (where he hasn't saved anyone yet) that way.

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