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>> On Oct 27, 2021, at 9:39 PM, Marina wrote:
>> Kurt’s in the ER with what he thought was intense constipation. Threw up after taking Miralax this morning, for which he woke (well, the rest of the way) me to fetch from a druggist. He was smart enough not to consider driving himself. Family friend took us there, instead of scaring some poor Lyft driver.
> Yeah, I had a friend take me when I had a kidney stone.  I didn’t know what it was, only that I was incapable of driving.

He was very much aware that being nauseated and doubling over in pain at short intervals made driving a very bad idea!

I’m not insured to drive—although now my last collision was 5 yrs ago—so I couldn’t drive us.

We’d never have guessed a kidney stone, given that the pain was worst nearest his appendix. Coming back from a trip years ago with his sweetie, she was having more intense pain as they neared home. She would have gone home and suffered but he insisted on taking her to a hospital nearby, against her protests that she’d be fine once home.

Her appendix was ready to burst. The surgeon understood about being careful not to mar a newer elaborate tattoo. She credits Kurt with saving her life.

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