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>> Back in the early 1960s, when we were living in Stratford, Ontario (the only time I have lived outside the USA), the local milk company was doing home deliveries with a horse-drawn wagon (IIRC, later in the 60s, the company had converted to small trucks). In our case, there was a compartment in the outside wall of the kitchen that had an outside door and an inside door and that’s where the milk was delivered.
> When I was very young, and my mother started me on cow's milk (bought in a shop), I was not able to take it - I would puke it right back out.
> The doctor said that I must be lactose intolerant.

My son is now, and too much greasy food gives him the same, er, issue. If I have too much milkfat, I pay for it later. I avoid greasy/fried food, due to dislike of the taste & mouthfeel, and the fat calories. Have since a bad bout of stomach flu or the like in the mid-‘80s. When I was pregnant & on a strict diet of 3 fats a day, if I disliked the taste (or lack thereof) of a fat, it wasn’t used—commercial mayo especially.

I could have one fruit, with a protein, a day as a mid afternoon snack. I made sure to get a really good piece: Asian pears aka Apple Pears, Hosui especially, were my choice. These days, in season, it’s Sumo citrus—two carb exchanges but worth it. In autumn, later-ripening apples—about a dozen new ones hit the market this year, my fave being CosmicCrisp, a cross of Enterprise and Honeycrisp, far superior in flavor to the latter.

You in Oz and NZ, Sumos are in season there, and new to the market. Expensive & worth it.

> But my grandmother, who lived outside the city and still had milk delivered, described my symptoms to her milkwoman. "Oh! I know what that is!" the milkwoman said, and started delivering milk from one cow to my grandmother.
> Not a specific cow, but milk that was milked from one cow and not mixed with milk from other cows. I could take that without a problem.

What a smart woman your grandmother was! 

> And some months later, my mother tried again with shop milk (which is multi-cow by definition), and I was able to take it.
> I have no idea why it worked, and I was too young at the time to insist on a double blind test.
> If I had to speculate today, I would speculate that "milk from single cow" was treated more carefully than the "general" milk - a cleaner pail? More careful sterilization? A cleaner/more carefully inspected bottle?

I’m with you there.

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