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On Oct 28, 2021, at 11:49 AM, Kathy Collett <kcollett at hamilton.edu> wrote:
> On Oct 28, 2021, at 8:42 AM, brazee <howard at brazee.net> wrote:
>> My daughter still gets milk delivered into such a box.
> I do too, in pretty rural upstate NY — or really, rural-adjacent college town.  Insulated milkbox outside the door.  Alas, the milk comes in plastic gallons, not the glass quarts we got 20 years ago.

There are still some companies here selling to a niche market using glass bottles, usual deposit is $1. I used to get non-homogenized whole milk and scrape the cream plug out for use as “clotted cream”. It was to yum.

These days we get LF milk in waxed paper cartons. I drink it too, rather than juggle two milk supplies. Ultra-filtered 2% tastes like skim, so not buying that again. Lactaid’s LF vanilla ice cream is pretty good.

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