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On Oct 28, 2021, at 12:17 PM, Marc Wilson <marc.wilson at gmx.co.uk> wrote:
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>>> My daughter still gets milk delivered into such a box.
>> I do too, in pretty rural upstate NY — or really, rural-adjacent college town.  Insulated milkbox outside the door.  Alas, the milk comes in plastic gallons, not the glass quarts we got 20 years ago.
> Still reasonably available in the UK, depending on where you live.  And
> still in glass bottles (which are returned, and used on average about 50
> times IIRC).

20-50, and 9 for wine bottles, consumer-recycled at some wineries. 

Used to volunteer for a recycling info center, where I learned that. V. Sattui, in the south end of St Helena (hell-een-ah*) in Napa county, had the most complete recycling row I’d ever seen. 

They have a lovely deli, with single use plates & utensils for those not planning a picnic but finding themselves hungry. Their seduction-quality ‘madiera’ is the best domestic one I’ve had. Its blend of ancient port, rich Zinfandel and fine brandy gives it a sweet hazelnut, burnt-caramel flavor is a Solera processed wine. I am all about Zinfandel!

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*In the CA town of San Pedro, just south of Long Beach, it’s pronounced San Pee-dro. They make baklava with cashews, which to most Middle-Eastern folk is just wrongwrongwrong!

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