[LMB] Spirit Ring Ch 4 and ranking "Dads" in Bujold canon

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Very good discussion topic!
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Subject: [LMB] Spirit Ring Ch 4 and ranking "Dads" in Bujold canon

In chapter four, Fiametta has rescued her illfather to escape in a fishing boat.
"The pearls in that hairnet were worth morethan this entire leaky boat," Master Benefortesaid, "Let alone this day's catch."
Cranky old man, isn't he? Not the mostappreciative of fathers. But he inspired his daughter to some greatness...
Where does Master B fall in the rankings?
In Bujold canon,  I'd think the worst of thebunch has to be Ser Galen.  Maybe a minus five on (-5) to (+5) scale.  To whateverextent we allow Bruce VanAtta to fill theslot for fathers,  he's near the bottom, aswell.  Near or AT the top, we have ("...yourson! "  "Which one?")  Aral Vorkosigan. Sorrel Bluefield has his faults, but *I* quite admire the man. "You know... I'vedrawn you and your brother out of wells of your own digging more than once... everyboy's got to survive his share of foolishness."
The 5GU Father of Winter has an unfairadvantage and, IMO, should not be includedin the rankings.
OTHERWISE,  who do we have as benchmarkfather figures?  Where do they rank forappreciativeness, dutifulness, beingwhatever a "good father" is required tobe?
Then, where on that list does Beneforte fall?

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