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>They have a lovely deli, with single use plates & utensils for those not planning a picnic but finding themselves hungry. Their seduction-quality ‘madiera’ is the best domestic one I’ve had. Its blend of ancient port, rich Zinfandel and fine brandy gives it a sweet hazelnut, burnt-caramel flavor is a Solera processed wine. I am
all about Zinfandel!

A guy I know (not well, mainly via a mutual friend) is a real wine buff
(he has around £50-70,000 worth of wine at his house at any one time,
all temperature- and humidity-controlled).

I was at a dinner once at his place when he served an 1870 Madeira.
Absolute nectar.

I understand that nobody yet knows how long Madeira lasts, because the
oldest bottles around are still drinkable.
If you had a UNIX dildo, it would lie lifeless in your hands during any
romantic interludes, and then, late at night, when you were blearily
wobbling to the bathroom, it would leap on you and fuck you silly.  -- KPG

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