[LMB] OT: Calibre 5.x and deDRM

Mark Allums mark at allums.email
Fri Oct 29 02:16:43 BST 2021

Yes, I have.  It works fine.

You should know that Amazon has changed the DRM again on KFX format 
books, and no existing DeDRM program has broken it.  However, if you 
download AZW (KP8) files, they still work.  Steps are needed to ensure 
that you get AZW files.  The safest way and easiest is to download to PC 
from the web as if to transfer them to a kindle manually, then import 
the file to Calibre. You need a Kindle, preferably an older one, and to 
enter the serial into Calibre.  Instructions on the web, if you are 
unfamiliar as yet.

The DeDRM plugin for Calibre is up to 7.2.1, I suggest you update. 
Also, Calibre is up to 5.30.0, and early versions of v5 had issues

You can hack old versions of Kindle for PC to deliver AZWs.  Beware! You 
need earlier versions of Kindle for PC for that.  The latest versions 
have been hardened, and also, it is difficult to keep it from 
self-updating.  The may be what happened to you.

Instructions on the MobileRead web forum.

Or, you can do what I did, and switch to KOBO.  The DeDRM plugin still 
works as of of now with KoBo books.  Bonus, you don't give cash to Amazon.

Mark A.

On 10/28/2021 7:10 PM, Marc Wilson wrote:
> Has anyone successfully loaded Calibre 5.x and DeDrm?  I updated to 5.3
> and DeDrm is no longer listed and won't install, even the 7.1 version
> that's supposed to work with 5.0.
> I'm reverting to 4.3 for now.
> If you rely on being able to de-DRM books, hang fire on updating to 5.x
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