[LMB] OT: husband?s ?fun ? in the ER

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On Oct 28, 2021, at 7:57 PM, Jane Hotchkiss wrote:
> I knew -instantly- from Marina's description what Kurt's problem was - been there, done that. 4mm last time, and I'm drinking at -least- 80 ounces of water daily so I don't have another.

Having been 26 yrs since the first one—and I was depressed at the time, 3K miles from my health plan coverage—I don’t recall the details leading up to his calcium oxalate stone. However, after the dx visir, he was back at his mom’s house grunting & moaning. Arthur, 18 mos old, decided it might help if he stood next to the bed and echoed the sounds. It hurt to laugh, but it was also sweet & cute.

> The only pain I've had that was worse was shingles, but I haven't been through childbirth.

You have my belated sympathy! A friend of ours got shingles on the inside of her eyelids. Gah. I enquired about the vaccine as soon as I heard about it. That was three shots. Shingrex with only two came out, and my GP said I should get that, too. I did have measles as a child, my sister twice or thrice, poor dear. Kurt will get his soon.

> If floating the stone out doesn't work, maybe it can be zapped - mine had to be.

Thanks! Rather than strong anti-spasmodics, I certainly would prefer sonic zap, especially since something or other would push on the prostrate, making it much more painful than just floating it out.

> Putting Kurt on my prayer list, & Marina  for support.

 I appreciate that, thank you.

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