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On Oct 28, 2021, at 10:27 PM, Raymond Collins <rcrcoll6 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm glad you're okay too.
> In Nebraska you have to show proof of insurance to renew your license tag.


>>> I like the way they say the 'policy was not in force' at the time
>> of the
>>> accident; in other words, the guy didn't have insurance. We're not
>> allowed to
>>> drive without insurance here, I thought it was the same over there.

>> I'm not sure how it works there - here in the UK, insurers contribute to
>> a fund to cover accidents caused by uninsured drivers, and there is
>> generally no "excess" (what the US calls a "deductible")

In CA, you have to have proof of insurance when you register your car. I think the same is true for a driver’s license.  If you want a license so that you can drive a rental or a friend’s car, you can’t get insurance, as it’s your car that’s insured, not you the driver.

My license expires in 2024, by which time even my accidents (poor depth perception (because I’m short) when in a car whose hood, much less the absolute front—almost any car I’ve been in, including VW Beetles) five years ago will disappear & premiums should be reasonable, for some value of ‘reasonable’.

A solid cushion might help, but then my legs would be too short to reach the pedals: I’m 60.5”, and even pulled up all the way, without a cushion, it’s a problem. However did my 4’9” mother drive the honking big mid-late ‘60s Chevy? Can’t ask her—died in 2004, after a major stroke in in 1994.

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