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one of the legal curlicues in this case will have to deal with Baldwins 
double role

on the one hand  Baldwin was the actor who got handed a hot gun (yes, he 
should have check, but his legal culpability still should most likely be 
pretty limited)

on the other hand he was a/the producer and thus ultimately responsible 
to the work climate on the set - a work climate that very likely did a 
large part in promoting this series  of mistakes

on the gripping - he is the one person with the visibly deepest pockets 
around, so guess who the sharks in suits will go after ..



Am 29.10.2021 um 07:59 schrieb Raymond Collins:
> The Amorer and Assistant Director were both negligent. First of all nobody
> but the amorer and the actors are allowed to touch the gun. Infact the
> weapons have to be kept in a locked box until they're needed. 2nd when a
> gun is not going to be fired,  a dummy gun is used for the action. And 3rd
> always assume the gun is loaded. This was very bad weapons management.
> On Thu, Oct 28, 2021, 5:35 PM Louann Miller <domelouann at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Apparently there's a hypothetical case involving a gun loaded with
>> blanks/secretly reloaded by another with real bullets/etc that is used in
>> law schools to teach students about negligence, culpability, etc. I get the
>> sense it can be very complicated.
>> There's a blog I follow on YouTube put out by Glenn Kershner, a former
>> federal prosecutor, that had a ten minute episode today on what might or
>> might not happen legally in this case. (Spoiler: it's too soon to tell.)
>> It's called "Justice Matters." Most of his episodes are politically
>> related, but this one was a straight discussion of how the law works.
>> I've toyed with the idea of a novel about a man being shot and killed by a
>> rifle, out in the woods, while wearing a Bigfoot costume and making hoax
>> tracks. As I imagine it, a lot of the plot would hinge on whether the
>> hunter with the rifle thought he was shooting a man or an animal.
>> Louann
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