[LMB] OT: vaccine reactions & astronomy news

Raymond Collins rcrcoll6 at gmail.com
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I did read the article about the Joven sized planet outside the Galaxy. I
wonder if its moons are intact or of they've been blown out of their
orbits.  And , of course,  I wonder if any technological civilization left
any devices on the moons. All the more reason to explore our strange

On Fri, Oct 29, 2021, 5:34 AM Raymond Collins <rcrcoll6 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I had very little reaction to my first shot in March. But my second shot,
> in April,  I had a temperature, severe joint pain and sweats I broke 100
> degrees on my thermometers. Despite that I did see the James Cameron
> exhibit at the Durham Museum in downtown Omaha.
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>> Kurt has horribly painful reactions to vaccines, not that it keeps him
>> from getting them as needed. He thinks everyone gets reactions, but aside
>> from needing to knead the site where I got an intramuscular injection, to
>> break up the bolus, I don’t. Okay, the second Covid vaccine gave me a solid
>> night’s good sleep, something that comes rarely for me. I think Arthur also
>> slept better after his.
>> What about you all? Reactions (if so, what?), or not?
>> Did you read about the extra-galactic planet/solar system? Is that neat,
>> or what?
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