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>> ?I'm glad you're okay too.
>> In Nebraska you have to show proof of insurance to renew your license tag.
>>>> I like the way they say the 'policy was not in force' at the time
>>> of the
>>>> accident; in other words, the guy didn't have insurance. We're not
>>> allowed to
>>>> drive without insurance here, I thought it was the same over there.


>>> I'm not sure how it works there - here in the UK, insurers contribute to
>>> a fund to cover accidents caused by uninsured drivers, and there is
>>> generally no "excess" (what the US calls a "deductible")
>In CA, you have to have proof of insurance when you register your car. I think the same is true for a driver’s license.  If you want a license so that you can drive a rental or a friend’s car, you can’t get insurance, as it’s your car that’s insured, not you the driver.

That's ... kinda weird.  I know many people who have a licence but no
car.  Because e.g. they live in London, and a car is more of a liability
than a benefit, much of the time.

My wife's cousin is one such; they're members of a car-share service. If
they need a car, they can book one for an hour, a day, a week.. cheaper
than rental.  And of course they can rent on holiday if they do the
fly/drive thing.

We have four cars in our household, and they're all covered on one
multi-car, multi-driver policy, for various combinations of designated

As an insured driver, I'm also insured (third-party only, the
legally-mandated minimum) to drive any other car with the owner's
permission - which can be useful in an emergency, say.

>My license expires in 2024, by which time even my accidents (poor depth perception (because I’m short) when in a car whose hood, much less the absolute front—almost any car I’ve been in, including VW Beetles) five years ago will disappear & premiums should be reasonable, for some value of ‘reasonable’.

I'm in the sweet spot, insurance-wise, where my premiums go down
year-on-year, though they will start to rise again once I top 70.  I do
have 46 years' No-claims discount (sadly, it peaks at 60%, or they'd be
paying me!)

And herself's last claim was over four years ago, so that drops of the
radar at the next renewal, so it should go down even further.

And I live out in a rural area, so it's a low-risk area for thefts etc
so relatively affordable.

If I were a millionaire, I'd not carry insurance, though; I'd post a
bond and self-insure.  I'd be about 50 grand up in today's money if I'd
had that option at 17.
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