[LMB] OT: Calibre 5.x and deDRM

Marc Wilson marc.wilson at gmx.co.uk
Fri Oct 29 13:17:52 BST 2021

On Fri, 29 Oct 2021 13:01:29 +0100, Marc Wilson <marc.wilson at gmx.co.uk>

>On Thu, 28 Oct 2021 20:16:43 -0500, Mark Allums <mark at allums.email>
>>Yes, I have.  It works fine.
>>You should know that Amazon has changed the DRM again on KFX format
>>books, and no existing DeDRM program has broken it.  However, if you
>>download AZW (KP8) files, they still work.  Steps are needed to ensure
>>that you get AZW files.  The safest way and easiest is to download to PC
>>from the web as if to transfer them to a kindle manually, then import
>>the file to Calibre. You need a Kindle, preferably an older one, and to
>>enter the serial into Calibre.  Instructions on the web, if you are
>>unfamiliar as yet.
>I've been doing it for years.  It stopped working when I foolishly
>upgraded to Calibre 5.  I have about a dozen serial numbers in there,
>I've had a number of ereaders, and so have herself and the offspring.
>I curate everyone's ebooks, as the others don't have the patience. :)
>>The DeDRM plugin for Calibre is up to 7.2.1, I suggest you update.
>>Also, Calibre is up to 5.30.0, and early versions of v5 had issues
>I tried installing that, and it refused to install the plugin, saying it
>had no top-level python routine.

That was my error; I was giving it the zip file, not the zip file within
the zip file.
>Ah- it was 7.1 I had.  I might retry with 7.2.1, let's see what happens.

So, I installed 5.31, and deDRM 7.2.1 - and it's still not converting
the books.  I'm stumped.  I still have the sideways method, although
it's slightly less convenient.

>>You can hack old versions of Kindle for PC to deliver AZWs.  Beware! You
>>need earlier versions of Kindle for PC for that.  The latest versions
>>have been hardened, and also, it is difficult to keep it from
>>self-updating.  The may be what happened to you.
>No, I'm not (or haven't been) using Kindle for PC. I've now installed
>it, and a program called "Epubor Ultimate" - you can just drop an AZW
>file on it, and it creates a de-DRM'd version in an output folder, which
>I can then import into Calibre.  It's commercial software, but it's a
>one-time purchase.
>>Or, you can do what I did, and switch to KOBO.  The DeDRM plugin still
>>works as of of now with KoBo books.  Bonus, you don't give cash to Amazon.
>I have only recently spent £300+ on a 2021 Oasis; I'm really not going
>to spend the same again on another device to save a bit of hassle!
>Herself had a Kobo, and hated it.  Not least, no screen lock, and it
>died about 20 minutes after the warranty ran out.
>They used to be carried by Smiths in the UK, but now you have to ship
>one from abroad.  I'm sure the readers have improved (the one with a
>stylus looks kind of neat), but I'm too invested in the ecosystem to
>change horses (I have > 2,000 Kindle books, and magazine subs such as
>>On 10/28/2021 7:10 PM, Marc Wilson wrote:
>>> Has anyone successfully loaded Calibre 5.x and DeDrm?  I updated to 5.3
>>> and DeDrm is no longer listed and won't install, even the 7.1 version
>>> that's supposed to work with 5.0.
>>> I'm reverting to 4.3 for now.
>>> If you rely on being able to de-DRM books, hang fire on updating to 5.x
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