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> Baldwin was one of the producers. If I understand correctly, a number of
> crew walked off the previous day due to unsafe conditions.
> The producers are the ones who are responsible (and should IMHO be held
> responsible) when the conditions are unsafe.
> So it's not Baldwin the shooter but Baldwin the producer who should be
> held responsible.

I have the impression that Baldwin was a producer in the "put up some of
the funding, get a producer credit" sense. Whether he actually had the
power to override the other producers and insist the set be made safer ...
is bound to come up in the continuing investigation. If it's a case of
"possible to at least try to improve safety, but it would mess up time and
money and cause other inconvenient non-lethal problems" then things are
painfully in a gray area. Postulating that Baldwin is as moral as the
average person, which I default to, he's going to be playing this over at 3
a.m. for the rest of his life.

No matter what happens, I think the case will be studied by law students
> to illuminate the finer points of culpability/responsibility.
> Reminds me of the (apocryphal) story of the guy who jumped off the tenth
> story building. Suicide, right?
> But as he was falling past the ninth floor his head was blown off by a
> shotgun. Murder?
> But the guy who shot his was not aiming at him, he was aiming at his
> wife. Manslaughter?
> But the guy who was aiming at his wife didn't know the shotgun was
> loaded. Someone who knew he often used the empty shotgun to threaten his
> wife must have loaded it to make him kill her. Attempted murder by an
> unknown third party?
> Turns out the guy who jumped was the son of the people on the ninth
> floor, he had a falling out with his parents and he loaded the shotgun
> hoping his father would kill his mother.  But there was an unusually
> long pause in the arguments between his parents, and he grew despondent
> about the failure of his cunning plan, so he jumped.
> It was suicide after all.

Quoted in full because this is the story I'd forgotten details of that I
mentioned as a law school hypothetical to teach students about
culpability.  I knew there was a gun involved in the hypothetical, but I
couldn't remember how the jump from the roof fit into the story.


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