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> Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> hat am 29.10.2021 14:20 geschrieben:
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> We?ve all heard by now of the shooting on a movie set in NM. It appears that several people were negligent and any one of the following would have broken the chain of events that resulted in the death.
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> Since four or five people had to be negligent for the shooting to occur, shouldn?t all of them be charged?
> William A Wenrich
> Gwynne: I feel sorry for Baldwin (obviously more sorry for the victim
> and her family, though.) I don't like Baldwin, but in this case - imagine
> the horror of killing someone like that. I don't think he should be charged,
> he had no responsibility for the chain of disasters.
> I think the armorer is hugely responsible - she apparently loaded the
> guns, left them unattended on a trolley, and didn't check them again
> when one was taken. And she didn't seem to know the difference
> between live and blank ammunition. She was also the one responsible for
> all firearms on the set.
> The assistant director is also responsible - he was supposed to recheck
> the weapon, but he just handed it to Baldwin and told him it was safe.
> I think the two of them will bear most of the responsibility and bear the
> brunt of the legal issues, depending on how rich and influential their
> family are (the armorer has an important-director dad, which is apparently
> why she got the job.)
> But the ones who are also responsible, who will walk away scot-free, are
> the company functionaries, and the Powers That Be. They pushed the
> production to the edge, they allowed and even encouraged sloppy
> conditions, they turned a blind eye to shortcuts and carelessness. They
> made it possible for the tragedy to happen, and they'll get away clean.

and THERE is the problem - Baldwin is the producer of this movie .. so ultimately the responsibility is his (especially since a lot of crew walked off the set, citing "safety problems" only a short time earlier - hours or the day before.. )


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