[LMB] Spirit Ring Ch 4 and ranking "Dads" in Bujold canon

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How would Bothari rate as a father?

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> Where would Barr even fit on the scale?  For many years  he didn't know he
> was a daddy. When he found out, he tried to do something...  too late.  The
> mom didn't want him around, she was already bitter from the secrets she had
> to keep.
> But secrets come out, and Barr tried really hard to help his kid.
> (Of course, he was only at the right place at the right time for Plot
> Purposes, but still.)
> Sylvia
> Gwynne: As soon as Barr knew he was a father he did all that he could for
> his
> child. He checked on her regularly. He told others about her, so that
> she'd be
> covered if anything happened to him. He didn't interfere in her life,
> because
> that would only make problems, so he did what he could to the limit
> available.
> When she was in trouble he stepped in and offered her every option he
> could,
> to give her a better future.
> As fathers go, Barr didn't do too badly; he did as much as he was allowed
> to,
> without damaging her life more, and stepped up when he was able to do more.
> The fact that Lily turned out so well is due, in a large part, to him.
> (And considering
> that Barr was one of my least favourite characters, for quite a while,
> that's
> pretty good going.)
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