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Fournier via Lois-Bujold > > What about you all? Reactions (if so, what?),
or not? I had no reaction to either of my Covid shots. 1st was AstraZeneca,
2nd was Pfizer. I had my annual flu shot on Tuesday, and no reaction to
that, either. After I got it, I went home and raked the lawn so that
probably helped with the arm soreness. The only vaccine I have ever reacted
to was the second Shingrix injection - a night of fever and chills, but fine
again by the next morning. > Did you read about the extra-galactic
planet/solar system? Is that neat, or what? Super neat :) I've heard that
this weekend there may be another good aurora borealis - some kind of solar
flare activity on the way - and for a wonder they're also predicting clear
skies in my area! The photos a couple of weeks ago were amazing, but I
didn't see anything myself. This time I might actually drag my husband with
me and go out of town a bit to get away from the light pollution. Jane
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