[LMB] Spirit Ring Ch 4 and ranking "Dads" in Bujold canon

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I think Fid ranks fairly high. He obviously loves all of his children and tries to do right by them.

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Where would Barr even fit on the scale?  For many years  he didn't know he
was a daddy. When he found out, he tried to do something...  too late.  The
mom didn't want him around, she was already bitter from the secrets she had
to keep.
But secrets come out, and Barr tried really hard to help his kid.
(Of course, he was only at the right place at the right time for Plot
Purposes, but still.)

Gwynne: As soon as Barr knew he was a father he did all that he could for his
child. He checked on her regularly. He told others about her, so that she'd be
covered if anything happened to him. He didn't interfere in her life, because
that would only make problems, so he did what he could to the limit available.
When she was in trouble he stepped in and offered her every option he could,
to give her a better future.
As fathers go, Barr didn't do too badly; he did as much as he was allowed to,
without damaging her life more, and stepped up when he was able to do more.
The fact that Lily turned out so well is due, in a large part, to him. (And considering
that Barr was one of my least favourite characters, for quite a while, that's
pretty good going.)
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