[LMB] On Parental Rankings

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Sat Oct 30 10:05:24 BST 2021

 Bothari's a good example of 'Grading On A Curve'  Objectively speaking he could have done somewhat better (especially considering the example of the Vorkosigans), but compared to what one might expect of someone as damaged as he was and the circumstances of Elena's conception he is rather impressive.
Master Beneforte is almost as toxic as Bothari, and has less excuse.
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Eric Oppen asked:

> How would Bothari rate as a father?

Not well, I would say. He lied to her about her mother and himself,
protected her to the point of being smothering, seems to have never
listened to her opinions (let alone her hopes and dreams), and it's hard to
imagine him being affectionate or understanding.  I'm sure his intentions
were good, inside his own mind, but he treated her like an object which he


From: Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com>
\From: Eric Oppen <ravenclaweric at gmail.com>

How would Bothari rate as a father?

Gwynne: He did a pretty good job, really. He accepted his daughter, I think she
was the only one of those replicator babies who was accepted by the father. He
supported his daughter, he made sure that she had a secure home. He had goals
and dreams for her; they weren't the same as those she had for herself, but many
parents have that problem. He aimed high for her, within his own world view.


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