[LMB] LMB] Spirit Ring Ch 4 and ranking "Dads" in Bujold canon

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> Yes, and challenge in Vormuir District), the child may
> not be accepted by the stepfather. Bastards aren't loved on Barrayar, after all.
> Did word spread about the baby factory? I'm sure it had to, after a while. What
> about any women who'd discarded eggs - was there a way they could check?
> Did any of them at least get access visits to their children? There's a really
> heartbreaking story behind the humour in this one.

Well the girls will have good prospects despite the maculate[1] origins. They have
good dowries. And Barrayan men may still be experiencing a woman shortage when
they reach appropriate age. 

I’m sure Gregor will insist on good treatment and educations for them. Social worker
inspection and such. They are his children after all, but I think he out did Cordelia, in
the genetic race. c

[1] “Maculate is a word I encountered only in a chapter title in _Stranger in a Strange Land_.

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