[LMB] LMB] Spirit Ring Ch 4 and ranking "Dads" in Bujold canon

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When I read about Vormuir's baby factory, I smiled to myself at the way a
lot of women (my mother very much included) would have reacted to going
there when the little girls were at toddler stage.  "SQUEE!"

Mom taught and ran a nursery school for many years, and I could see Vormuir
offering her a huge salary to come and work for him.

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> wrote:
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> > I will admit that I kind of smiled at Ekaterin's first reaction: "The
> > greedy pig!”
> She did say that Barrayar had no legal limit on number of children.
> Her genes will become a major factor in the population of Sergyar,
> founder effect you know. Her way was much nicer way than that of Genghis
> Khan.
>> “That which doesn’t make us stronger kills us.”
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