[LMB] Shooting

Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 31 04:08:40 GMT 2021

Agnes Charrel-Berthillier (agnes at charrel.net) wrote:
> Or is it actually somebody named Daisy Cousens, who I had never heard 
> off but has a YouTube channel introducing her as "a political and 
> cultural commentator [...] a 'flamethrower' [...] an *occasional* 
> provocateur, and feminist apostate [... t]aking up the call to fight for 
> Western civilisation with flair, style, and incredible sass."
> And if so.... First, if she "contributes to The Spectator 
> (spectator.com.au), Penthouse Magazine (for the articles), and Sky News 
> Australia" doesn't that make her part of the [tabloid segment] of the 
> mainstream media? Second, if she is Australia based and I am too lazy to 
> watch 18mn of hysterically titled videoto figure it out, does she have 
> any special info on the topic that wasn't already reported in local US 
> mainstream press?

The armourer in question has stated that she wasn't able to manage
the weapons diligently because she was also the film's assistant prop
manager.  This is backed up by a veteran prop master who turned down
the job because he believed that one person couldn't handle both roles.
There's no mention of COVID there, nor am I seeing any other mention of
it in this connection.  Cousens's political bias and reporting patterns
lead me to further skepticism on that point.


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