[LMB] LMB] Spirit Ring Ch 4 and ranking "Dads" in Bujold canon

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>> Hey a whole new plot bunny, the orphans use genetic databases to find
>> their biological parents.
>> Gwynne: This refers to the replicators after Escobar, but I always wondered
>> about Vormuir's baby factory.   <snip>
> Oh, yes, fic please!
> Is anyone is infected by the plot bunny?

I wouldst prefer to think of it as more of an artistic impregnation than an infection.

Anyway the Escobar situation has many more variations. Someone could find himself
a son of a Count or mealy the son of a high Vor or a rich prole. The dramatic and comic
possibilities are much more numerous.

Vomuir’s daughters however are similarly situated socially and economically, as legitimate
offspring of a Count.

IIUC we are just seeing reports of usually doctors who used sired children on their patients,
who came to them for help having children and expecting a random donor in the past year
or couple of years. This is undesirable particularly  in small towns, because of the likelihood
 of biological incest.

Anyone who has successfully gotten a book published (minus vanity publication) will
tell you of the labor and the pains. We have to allow artists a lot of slack.

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