[LMB] OT - re vanity publishing reference

Karen A. Wyle kawyle at att.net
Sun Oct 31 12:29:08 GMT 2021

 I couldn't help being distracted from the very interesting story possibilities in Sylvia's post by the reference to "vanity publishing." While vanity publishing still exists, as there are many unscrupulous outfits out there preying on would-be or inexperienced authors, self-publishing has come very far from the days where that dismissive label applied to any nontraditional publishing route. Not only have bestsellers come from self-published authors, but more and more authors who have been with traditional publishers for years or decades have either gone hybrid (publishing some of their own books) or are now completely self-published. 
Karen A. Wyle
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Anyway the Escobar situation has many more variations. [snip]
Anyone who has successfully gotten a book published (minus vanity publication) will
tell you of the labor and the pains. We have to allow artists a lot of slack.


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