[LMB] OT - re vanity publishing reference

Louann Miller domelouann at gmail.com
Sun Oct 31 12:40:36 GMT 2021

On Sun, Oct 31, 2021, 7:29 AM Karen A. Wyle <kawyle at att.net> wrote:

>  I couldn't help being distracted from the very interesting story
> possibilities in Sylvia's post by the reference to "vanity publishing."
> While vanity publishing still exists, as there are many unscrupulous
> outfits out there preying on would-be or inexperienced authors,
> self-publishing has come very far from the days where that dismissive label
> applied to any nontraditional publishing route.

You're right on both points. The "Writer Beware" website  is an excellent
source of information about how to spot and avoid a scam publisher.

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