[LMB] OT: What is your 10?

Karen Hunt huntkc at gmail.com
Sun Oct 31 16:04:23 GMT 2021

Probably only briefly returning...

My go-to used to be when I was 12: I was walking in circles, frantic with
the pain in my throat because every breath felt like breathing in fire, and
every time I tried to swallow to relieve that, it felt like something in my
throat ripped. Of course I also had a fever around 104-5, and 4/5 of the
lobes in my lungs were consolidated - breathing was more of a rapid
panting. I was taken to the hospital some hours later, also a surreal
experience except that I was beyond caring about much of anything. I died
18 hours later, but was successfully resuscitated about a minute
afterwards. Died again the next day, but again resuscitated.

Now? Well, that still wins, but the best contender for second place is now
March-June 2020, just before I left the list. My hands were nearly
paralyzed, with fingers swollen like balloons and terrible pain running up
and down the right arm. I couldn't see the doctor because of lockdown,
though I had several zoom sessions with her. All the mistypes on the list
were because I could barely move my fingers.

Note: I've tried gallstones and no-med labor pains. The two here were
worse. Not necessarily because of the measure of pain but because of the
measure of terror. Adding long-lasting terror to pain greatly enhances the

Karen Hunt

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