[LMB] OT: Shooting

Patrick Vera iiradned at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 31 17:58:31 GMT 2021

My opinion is that both Rust and The Crow suffered from lapses by the set armourer.

Both productions used unmodified firearms capable of firing live ammunition. Proper prop
guns have been modified to allow for proper functioning with blank ammunition and are
unsafe to use with live ammo.

On Rust, I guess the budget did not cover for the rental of such prop guns. The same could
also be said for The Crow. In that instance the script called for the actor playing the bad guy
to load the magazine of the gun in close up earlier in the production. Then in a later scene
fire the same gun this time loaded with blanks at Brandon Lee.

For the earlier scene, the armourer took some live ammo and removed the gunpowder and
reseated the bullets still with live primers for the actor use in the close up action. Between
both scenes the leading theory is that someone managed to gain access to both the gun and
the "dummy" ammo and started playing with it. Loading, cycling the action, and dry firing the
gun with the "dummy" ammo. This last action caused the primer to ignite enough residual
powder to dislodge the bullet.  When the gun was fired with blanks this caused the stuck
bullet to function as designed and caused Brandon's death.

Big budget productions would call for the use of rubber dummy guns for all scenes where
they are not being fired. Thus for rehearsals and practice sessions the rubber dummies are
what the actors would be using. The budget should also cover the use of clear impact resistant
polycarbonate shields to protect cameras (though the lenses wouldn't be covered) and any
crew operating the cameras. The shields would deflect and/or stop any wadding from the
ammo, unburnt gunpowder, and anything else that might travel from the vicinity of the prop
guns towards the camera and crew.

It also my opinion that the armourer for Rust will be uninsurable to work in her chosen
field for a very long time, might even be permanent.

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