[LMB] not quite a haut bubble OT:

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 02:27:29 BST 2021

Humans are often error-prone, but they're much easier to troubleshoot than
automated systems.

Do note that while humans are driving cars, the stoplights directing them
are fully automated everywhere they exist (AFAIK).

I've often thought it was interesting that Barrayar allowed its citizens to
drive their own vehicles - see Ivan's penchant for terrifying speed.
Perhaps the simple distinction is between groundcars and aircars - one of
the reasons it's far, far easier to receive certification for ground
vehicles vs. aerial ones in our world is that air travel requires more
skill and potentially has even worse consequences if something goes wrong.
Even if flying cars were affordable, I doubt many people would be permitted
to qualify for them.

Matt G.

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