[LMB] TIXIE time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Caden thanks you all, and jumps off the horse, racing for the feast and shouting. He's 14 now, and will be getting his first smartphone from his parents. He's scribbling down the Silvy Vale scenario for the civilization-building board games he loves so well, but is sorry there are no elves and only one dwarf, though Miles assures him there are also a lot of thieves on Barrayar.

Harra is nursing a headache from having two young hyperactives around, but the mountain village has a lot of space for boys to work off their excess energy.
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The Tixie makes a graceful landing and considers his job: aah, today is
fourteenth birthday of Caden Mathews, the grandson of Pat Mathews. For
you, Caden, we have arranged an exciting adventure with young Miles on
his trip into The Mountains of Mourning. You ride behind Miles on Fat
Ninny into the Dendari Hills to the benighted hamlet of Silvy Vale,
where a very young child was murdered and Miles' job is to deliver
justice to Harra, her mother. After much convolution you find that the
dasterly deed was done by Ma Mattulich, Harra's mother. You convince
Harra to atten a teachers' college in Hassadar and return to Silvy Vale
to set up a school. Then you return in triumph to Vorkosigan Surleau for
a birthday party and grand fete catered by the incomparable Ma Kosti.
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

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