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By my observation, most people do not leave an adequate following distance. It is a true wonder that there aren’t more accidents than there are.
Personally, I leave at least two seconds under the best conditions. Many times that has given me time and space to break or maneuver and avoid an accident.

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On 01.09.2021 00:05, Joel Polowin wrote:
> markus baur <baur at chello.at> wrote:
>> i believe the trolley problem is a luddite straw man ..
>> traffic laws at no point demands that you make a moral decision
> It comes in when something far outside the bounds of the expected
> behaviour arises.  This can range from a human getting into traffic
> *somehow*, when laws and "normal" precautions should prevent it from
> happening, to something like a severe system fault occurring.

that is EXACTLY what the "drive on sight" / "drive at a speed where you
can stop when something unforeseen happens" rule in traffic law is for

somebody going the legal speed limit on a street in a densely packed
urban area - and with the bad attention and slow reflexes of a human -
is a recipe for disaster

we are all driving too fast under these circumstances ..

> When it's
> unavoidable that either a severe crash occurs, risking the passenger,
> or there's severe risk to other vehicles or other people, what does the
> automated system do?  Ideally, consideration for the automated driving
> system itself is a very low priority, assuming that it isn't sentient.

i want to see the average driver who - after he has put himself into a
trolley problem situation - can make the rational or moral decision in
those remaining split seconds

most of them already use up 105% of their mental capacity with pressing
the brake pedal (IF they find it at all), holding the steering wheel and
wishing "please not" [and i do count myself among them - i KNOW that i
am not an above average driver]



> Joel

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